As news of the Shelby settlement broke, attorneys with the Alabama Association for Justice shared words of appreciation and congratulations: 

“Wow. Incredible, meaningful work. Thank you to Lynn and Kenny for fighting the good fight!”

“As humans become more intolerant of others — lawyers will be called upon to ensure ‘the least of these’ are protected– it’s like 1960 all over again– good work.”

“Very impressive result! Congratulations to Kenny, Lynn, and their firm!”

“That’s what’s up as the kids say.   Super impressive.  Made my day to read that in the virtual newspaper this morning.” 

 “Probably the best thing I’ll read all day. Excellent work, you guys.”

“That is called “Making a difference”!  Well done.”

“Heartfelt congratulations on this wonderful settlement and great lawyering.”

“Thanks for all your hard work in making a difference.”

“Great to see our members out there making a change. Bravo, you guys!”

“Inspiring!  Congratulations on an important win for both your clients and your community.  Great work!”

“Great meaningful work! Reading this gave me chills!” 

“That is an outstanding result by two very good lawyers, and even better people.” 

“Nice work!  The law is so bad on those school cases and hearing results like this makes me happy.”

“Amazing result. That type of conduct by people in power is shocking, but all too familiar, especially in the climate of hate and intolerance that seems to exist sometimes in our state. I am proud of lawyers like Lynn and Kenny, who are willing to take it on!”