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Proud to provide superior legal services to victims of serious injury and businesses who have been wronged

Recovered millions of dollars for people and businesses in our community

Firmly established a reputation for not being afraid to go to trial to get our clients the compensation they deserve

Results Matter to Our Personal Injury Attorneys in Huntsville

When you’re injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, you need reliable personal injury lawyers in Huntsville to fight for compensation with aggressive representation. Conchin, Cole, Jordan, & Sherrod is a leading personal injury law firm with an excellent track record for success. They represent victims injured in many accidents, providing them with the reliable assistance required for appropriate compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and more.

We Represent Clients in a Wide Variety of Injury Claims

It doesn’t matter if you need a truck accident lawyer, wrongful death attorney, auto accident attorney, or worker’s compensation attorney in Huntsville that will give you confidence in your ability to get the appropriate settlement. We’ll evaluate your case with a free consultation to determine if you qualify for a personal injury case. If we’re confident we can get compensation for your injuries we will offer the representation you deserve, so you can focus on recovering from your injury.

Our Legal Team Understands Your Situation

Our car accident attorney and personal injury attorney in Huntsville understands your stress and aims to help you seek compensation for your injuries. We prove responsibility and ensure you can fight for what’s rightfully yours. Insurance companies typically offer less than injury victims deserve. We won’t let them get away with paying less than you deserve, giving you confidence that you can move forward with your recovery with less stress.

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With experience, compassion, and dedication at the forefront of every case, the Huntsville personal injury attorneys at Conchin, Cole, Jordan & Sherrod have recovered millions of dollars for people and businesses in our community and throughout the country.

We believe our clients deserve the best representation possible, and our team is proud to provide superior legal services to victims of serious injuries and wrongful death as a result of car accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, construction accidents, workplace injuries, and more. Tell us your story and let our team be there for you.


Our injury lawyers in North Alabama are committed to achieving justice, and we have successfully obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients. We have firmly established a reputation for not being afraid to go to trial to get our clients the compensation they deserve.

Serious injury can have a lasting physical and emotional impact on you and your family. This is a fact we take earnestly and will stand up for you with that in mind. Learn more about our experienced trial lawyers and how they have successfully brought justice to our clients.


Our legal team understands that those who have been seriously injured or have lost a loved one need help, and we know that results matter in the aftermath of a life-changing event. We are devoted to our clients and dedicated to providing the best legal representation in your time of need.

We practice in many different areas of the law, and we are here to listen to your story. Learn more about our practice areas to see if we can help you and contact us to schedule a free consultation today.

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If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in Huntsville, Conchin, Cole, Jordan & Sherrod will fight for your case and help you get the justice you deserve.

After an accident, you and your loved ones may be left with expensive medical bills, financial strain due to missed time at work lost wages, and ongoing pain and suffering as you struggle to regain your health. The Huntsville personal injury attorneys of Conchin, Cole, Jordan & Sherrod will fight for your case with experience, tenacity, and compassion for you and your family.

Our personal injury lawyers have the experience and skill you need to get the compensation you deserve. While no amount of money can make up for the pain you have suffered, the injury you experienced should not be compounded by an economic tragedy as a result of your accident. Results matter, and Conchin, Cole, Jordan & Sherrod has a proven track record of delivering results for our clients.

Our law firm has received wide recognition for our work, U.S. News named us as one of the Best Law Firms in America and one of our founding partners, Gary Conchin, was selected by his peers as an Alabama Super Lawyer and is certified as a Trial Specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. Kenny Cole has been recognized in the Top 1% of Americas Most Honored Professionals and attorney Brent Jordan won the 2nd highest jury verdict for a car negligence case in Alabama. The high verdicts and prestigious awards received by our lawyers are a reflection of their skills and expertise in the court room.

Here are some of the recent results our clients have had with Conchin, Cole, Jordan & Sherrod:

  • $42.3 million jury verdict in a breach of contract case.
  • $10 million in wrongful death case caused by a drunk driver.
  • $1.8 million jury verdict for a driver in an auto accident.
  • $1.7 million jury verdict for an apartment complex that suffered tornado damage.

As you can see, results matter to our injury lawyers, we have a strong track record of securing significant results for our clients. We won’t urge you to accept a quick settlement just to move on to the next case. Our legal team is prepared from day one to take your personal injury claim all the way to trial if necessary, and we have the experience in jury trials to give your case the best chance for success. Our trial attorneys are local to the Madison County area, we consider our clients to be neighbors, and we are committed to doing everything possible to give your case the best chance of success.

What Is Personal Injury Law?

When you are injured due to the carelessness or recklessness of someone else, the law provides the means of being compensated by the one who caused that accident or injury. The part of the law that deals with these injuries is known as personal injury law. Serious accidents occur every day when others fail to take the reasonable precautions needed to ensure that property damage and injuries do not occur.

Many more examples exist of ways people are injured every day through little or no fault of their own. Those who are injured deserve to be compensated for expensive medical bills, specialized medical equipment needed at home, prescriptions for treating their injuries, lost wages due to time missed from work, and other expenses caused by their injuries. In many cases, those injured may also be entitled to recovering damages for pain and suffering brought on as a result of their accidents.

Why Do I Need a Huntsville Personal Injury Attorney?

It is important to protect your rights in an injury case, whether you were involved in a workplace accidentmedical malpracticewrongful death, a car accident or truck accidents. Our injury lawyers in North Alabama are familiar with the type of case you present and know how much compensation you are likely to require. Calculating ongoing medical costs and estimating how much time you may realistically be expected to miss from work is complicated and is more accurately done by an attorney experienced in such cases. Many people may underestimate the total costs they will incur from their injury and may accept a settlement that leaves them with medical expenses long after the settlement money has run out.

Additionally, should your case require going to trial to prove your claim, a Huntsville personal injury lawyer has the experience and training to navigate the process successfully. Legal procedures and forms take years of training to master, and with our greater quality legal services, you can be certain that you’re not missing out on compensation you should have received because you failed to observe some technicality, this could leave a bitter taste in anyone’s mouth.

Representation for Your Car Accident Claim

After a car accident, you may be overwhelmed with questions and concerns, the attorneys at Conchin, Cole, Jordan & Sherrod can help you understand Alabama law and navigate the legal system so you can concentrate on your recovery. Our trial lawyers can help you determine who is responsible for your accident, how much you can recover and if your case needs to go to court, our experienced attorneys will be able to represent your claim and fight on your behalf. Insurance companies will try to pay as little of your claim as possible, by hiring a car accident attorney you will have a professional negotiate a settlement that adequately reflects your losses. Contact us at our Huntsville, Alabama office for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your case and the next steps in your recovery. 

How Much Will an Attorney Charge?

Our attorneys work on a contingency-fee basis this means that you dont owe us anything unless we win your case and secure a settlement for you. By working on a contingency-fee basis we are able to guarantee that all accident victims have access to legal representation, regardless of their current financial status.

Alabama Law

Alabama has very strict laws regarding the timeframe for bringing a suit for compensation in a personal injury case. For most claims, this limit is two years from the date of the accident. While there are some exceptions that may provide a longer time frame in which to file, it is usually best to act as soon as possible in order to avoid having your case dismissed for not being filed in a timely manner.

Alabama is one of the few states that follow contributory negligence rules in personal injury claims. This means that if you are found to be at fault to any degree in your accident, you may be unable to recover any compensation for your injuries. In many cases, corporate attorneys and insurance companies will be quick to bring up this rule in order to encourage you to accept a low settlement offer.

While Alabama at one time had caps on the number of damages you could demand in a personal injury claim, the state Supreme Court has ruled those caps to be unconstitutional. Therefore, there is no limit to damages you can claim for your injury. There is, however, a cap on punitive damages of three times the compensation for compensatory damages, up to $1.5 million for serious injuries. There is also a cap of $100,00 for personal injury cases against any state or local municipality.


jury verdict

Jury verdict in a breach of contract case.



Recovery for a wrongful death caused by an 18-wheeler.


jury verdict

The April 2011 tornadoes that swept across the State of Alabama caused millions of dollars in property damage. In the wake of the destruction, insurance companies did not want to pay for their insured’s damages. Gary Conchin and Kenny Cole represented the owners a 1,200 unit apartment complex that houses thousands of University of Alabama students. The apartment complex’s insurance company disputed that our client’s damages were caused by the tornado. After four days of presenting evidence to the jury in a Tuscaloosa federal court, Gary and Kenny were able to obtain a jury verdict in the amount of $1,822,000.

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Tell us your story and let our team be there for you.

At Conchin, Cole, Jordan & Sherrod we understand the stress you may be under after a serious accident, when you work with us you will receive the personalized attention that you deserve. We make a promise to you to deliver results and fight for the best possible settlement. If you have been injured and are in need of a personal injury lawyer in the Madison County area, please do not hesitate to call 256-705-7777 for a free consultation today!

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“We would like to say thank you especially for all of your help in our recent lawsuits. We feel privileged to have had you represent us and hope that if we may ever be of assistance to you that you will not hesitate to call.”

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“Thank you so much, for so much. I’m reminded daily of your fight on my behalf, but also of your example of how a good man spreads goodwill to others. This world needs a lot more Kenny Coles.”

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“Kenny, I am sincerely grateful for the marvelous effort you put forth in prosecuting my case. Your capabilities and dedication to the client is first rate."

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"Thank you, Kenny for all your hard work and dedication you put into getting our case resolved. Rita & I thank you from the bottom of our heart. You were not only our attorney, but also a friend. Thank you and God bless you and your family for all the time and dedication that you spared for my family. Thank you!"

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“Brent Jordan gave me a second chance at life when all odds were against me after a horribly tragic motor vehicle accident. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident that claimed the life of good man and changed the remainder of my life and my family’s. He gave me hope during a time that all I could do was pray. He stood for me when I could not. He is the good in justice.”

Angela Egle

“Mr. Jordan was professional and kind. My son’s death was completely unexpected and I had no idea how to deal with insurance companies and other issues. He guided me through the entire process with an expert’s knowledge of the law. He was also very compassionate and patient answering all my questions and putting my mind at ease regarding legal issues. I would recommend him to anyone in need of legal representation.”

J.P. Worley

“Brent Jordan is an excellent attorney. He handled our case in a timely manner and pushed until the insurance company gave us what we deserved. 10/10. I will recommend every time.”

A. Whisenant

“Kenny & Hope, Your encouragement, truth in love, and sound advice are very much appreciated! This has been a long journey for all of us and your hard work has made great strides in reaching for the goal! Thank you so much.“

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“Mr. Cole, I really appreciate you for what you did for me. Your kindness will never be forgotten.“

Willadene Nash

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