Design defects make machines deadly.

Design defects make machines deadly. Especially when companies remove safety features. Attorney Kenny Cole recently resolved a case where a company removed a safety cover and a machine detached and fell from a height. In this video, the treadmill does not have framework completely enclosing the tread belt. Watch the ball get pulled beneath the… read more

Voting by Absentee Ballot in Alabama

Do you know how to vote by absentee ballot? As the November election approaches, Alabama registered voters have to decide how they are going to make their voice heard. Many are willing and able to go to polling locations and vote in person, but many are not. For those that find themselves newly unable to… read more

Long Term Disability Claims Under ERISA

The Unthinkable Happens You’ve worked hard in your career for years.  With every paycheck you have received, it is likely that your employer has deducted partial premiums for private long term disability (“LTD”) insurance.  These insurance policies are issued and administered by huge private insurance companies.  These policies are supposed to provide you with monetary… read more

Truck Rollover Accidents

Every year, large trucks play a role in thousands of serious and fatal traffic accidents. Although commercial trucking is an integral part of the economy, negligent trucking companies and their drivers can put other roadway users at risk. In 2017, 4,657 deadly car accidents involved big rigs. Many of these fatal accidents were rollovers, in… read more

Prescription Errors

Millions of patients rely on prescription medications to treat and manage their conditions. When a patient receives the incorrect medicine or dosage, the outcome can be fatal. Every doctor, nurse, pharmacy and drug manufacturer has a duty to uphold the correct standards of care in creating, prescribing and administering medications. Unfortunately, negligent and careless parties… read more

Car Seat Requirements in Rideshare Vehicles and Taxis

Traveling with young children is not always easy. You might recognize the immense importance of using a safety-approved car seat to protect your child, yet one might not always be available if you are traveling via taxi or rideshare vehicle. It might also be illegal in Alabama to travel with your child without using a… read more

Fire Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

The Christmas holiday naturally comes with many fire hazards the average household does not see the rest of the year. Christmas trees, strings of lights, dangerous decorations, heating units and holiday cooking all run significant fire safety risks. Do not let your celebration of the season lead to a house fire, serious burn injuries or… read more

Safe Driving Tips for Pregnant Women

Many activities become more dangerous while pregnant. Carrying a baby comes with unique risks to you and your unborn child. Recognizing potential hazards and how to mitigate them can prevent serious injuries to you and your baby. Although driving can have unique risks for pregnant women, you can retain your independence far into your pregnancy… read more

Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Alabama

No worker expects to clock in for the day only to leave in an ambulance. Unfortunately, hundreds of workplaces in Alabama contain hazards that can cause serious employee injuries. In 2017, 83 workers died on the job in Alabama, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A total of 5,147 fatal work injuries occurred across… read more

Car Accident Witness Responsibility

You might know what to do if you get in a car accident – remain at the scene, exchange information, call the police – but what about when you are a witness? If you are one of the first people to the scene of an auto accident, be a Good Samaritan. Render aid to crash… read more

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