Tornadoes, Wind Storms or Fire Losses

Things You Should Know Insurance companies have armies of full-time lobbyists, public relations people, lawyers and adjusters.  They are in complete control of the policies they write and provide to the public.  These policies are constantly revised to exclude coverage, not add it.  Many state laws favor insurance companies.  Often, amounts owed by the insurance… read more

The Hidden Advantages of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are sudden, chaotic events that can leave you grappling with physical injuries, emotional distress, and financial strain. In the aftermath of a crash, many individuals face complex legal processes while trying to recover. One often overlooked strategy that can significantly ease this burden is hiring a car accident lawyer. Beyond the apparent benefits… read more

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Navigating the legal complexities after an accident or injury can be overwhelming. In such challenging times, enlisting the expertise of a personal injury attorney can make a world of difference. These legal professionals specialize in advocating for individuals who have been injured due to the negligence of others, offering invaluable services that can significantly impact… read more

Find the Best Personal Injury Attorney in Huntsville

Being injured can be a devastating time for you and your loved ones. If you have been the victim of negligence on the part of a third party, then it is crucial that you find the best injury attorney in Huntsville that will help you become whole again. Conchin, Cole, Jordan & Sherrod work hard… read more

Alabama Attorneys React To Shelby Settlement

As news of the Shelby settlement broke, attorneys with the Alabama Association for Justice shared words of appreciation and congratulations:  “Wow. Incredible, meaningful work. Thank you to Lynn and Kenny for fighting the good fight!” “As humans become more intolerant of others — lawyers will be called upon to ensure ‘the least of these’ are… read more

Huntsville City Schools Agree to Implement Critical LGBTQ Protections as Part of Settlement with Family of Nigel Shelby

Partners Lynn Sherrod and Kenny Cole represented the family of Nigel Shelby, a black openly gay 9th grader, who was bullied at Huntsville High School and sought protection from school officials. The lawsuit noted that Nigel’s suicide occurred shortly after a school official told Nigel and a classmate to dance to “black people’s music” to… read more

Design defects make machines deadly.

Design defects make machines deadly. Especially when companies remove safety features. Attorney Kenny Cole recently resolved a case where a company removed a safety cover and a machine detached and fell from a height. In this video, the treadmill does not have framework completely enclosing the tread belt. Watch the ball get pulled beneath the… read more

Voting by Absentee Ballot in Alabama

Do you know how to vote by absentee ballot? As the November election approaches, Alabama registered voters have to decide how they are going to make their voice heard. Many are willing and able to go to polling locations and vote in person, but many are not. For those that find themselves newly unable to… read more

Long Term Disability Claims Under ERISA

The Unthinkable Happens You’ve worked hard in your career for years.  With every paycheck you have received, it is likely that your employer has deducted partial premiums for private long term disability (“LTD”) insurance.  These insurance policies are issued and administered by huge private insurance companies.  These policies are supposed to provide you with monetary… read more

Truck Rollover Accidents

Every year, large trucks play a role in thousands of serious and fatal traffic accidents. Although commercial trucking is an integral part of the economy, negligent trucking companies and their drivers can put other roadway users at risk. In 2017, 4,657 deadly car accidents involved big rigs. Many of these fatal accidents were rollovers, in… read more

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