New Road Safety Laws in Alabama

More than one in three drivers will get into injury or fatal car accidents in Alabama in their lifetimes, according to 2017 crash data. The Alabama Department of Transportation reported 156,993 total traffic accidents in Alabama in 2017, with 47,771 injuries and 948 deaths. Lawmakers in the state strive to bring down these numbers with… read more

Alabama Car Accident Compensation Laws

Suffering serious personal injuries in a car accident in Alabama does not have to force you into financial strife. If someone else negligently or willfully caused the car accident, that person could owe you financial compensation for your injuries, medical treatments and other damages. You may be able to obtain monetary benefits through an insurance… read more

Safety Tips for Driving in Huntsville During Flood Conditions

In February this year, Huntsville was the wettest month ever recorded, with a total rainfall of 12.6 inches. Severe rainstorms and thunderstorms normally cause flooding during the rainy season. Flash flooding during these times is especially dangerous because it can occur without warning while you are on the roadway. This makes driving and anything else… read more

Do Most Attorneys Offer Free Consultations?

Anyone who has spent time looking for a personal injury attorney for any type of legal matter, you have likely seen advertisements for free consultations. Many attorneys offer free consultations, but it is important to understand why and what these consultations entail. Additionally, you may wonder why you would ever pay for a consultation with… read more

What Is Personal Injury Pre-Action Protocol?

If you are seeking compensation for injuries in an Alabama accident, you will need the services of an Alabama personal injury attorney. Your lawyer will follow a strict process to file your lawsuit comprehensively and without any errors or setbacks. One step in this process is known as the personal injury pre-action protocol. The Purpose… read more

What Is Contributory Negligence in Alabama Law?

Every state has unique laws when it comes to negligence in personal injury cases. Unfortunately, Alabama’s contributory negligence law can prevent a plaintiff from recovering compensation in a personal injury claim, if the plaintiff was at all responsible for the claimed damages. Most other states operate under comparative negligence laws that allow a plaintiff to… read more

Alabama Driving Laws in 2018

It is essential for all Alabama drivers to know the state’s laws in order to drive legally on Alabama roads. Vehicle owners have several obligations, including meeting the state’s minimum auto insurance coverage requirements, vehicle maintenance, and proper conduct behind the wheel. If you ever have any questions about your state law, feel free to… read more

Alabama Vehicle Rollover Accidents

In 2016, an overturning vehicle was the first harmful event in 1,720 car crashes in Alabama. Vehicle overturns caused around 1,180 non-fatal injuries and 50 deaths in 2016. Vehicle rollovers are serious accidents that often cause permanent or fatal injuries. Identifying who or what caused your rollover could lead to financial compensation for your medical… read more

Intersection Accidents  

Intersection accidents aren’t only common; they’re also extremely dangerous. Intersection collisions often happen when one driver runs a red light or ignores a stop sign. At intersections with traffic signals, drivers may speed up before entering the intersection to “beat the light.” This can result in high-speed head-on collisions or T-bone accidents. Intersection crashes also… read more

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are some of the most common types of accidents on Alabama’s roads. They are the number one type of collision in Alabama work zones, according to data from Drive Safe Alabama. Vehicles striking other vehicles caused 32,222 injuries in 2016 and 456 deaths. Although rear-end collisions can be deadly (especially when they involve… read more

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