Huntsville Commercial and Business Litigation Attorney

Many businesses are too small to have a lawyer on retainer or on staff in their company. Even larger companies may occasionally require the services of an outside attorney to handle a particular issue. Whatever legal matters your company runs into, an experienced Huntsville commercial and business litigation attorney at Conchin, Cole, Jordan & Sherrod can help make matters run more smoothly, save on costly claims, and recover compensation for the company when it is due.

Does My Company Need a Business Lawyer?

Many legal agreements can be made without engaging an attorney, with a little time and research. However, a commercial and business litigation attorney can help ensure that your agreements conform to the law and protect you from any losses in the future.

Here are some common circumstances where having a business attorney can benefit:

Insurance Disputes

Most businesses purchase insurance to cover them against claims and losses from a multitude of possible risks. Some businesses learn the hard way that paying a claim is the last thing many insurance companies want to do. A business litigation attorney in Huntsville can help establish the facts of the case and press the insurance company to pay the compensation your business is entitled to. Should it require going to court to ensure the claim is paid, an attorney is vital to taking your case to trial.

Real Estate Claims

Businesses often lease their office space. When property repairs are needed, or the terms of the lease are in question, getting an attorney involved will often help ensure that the business’ interests are protected. Should the landlord ultimately prove unwilling to provide needed repairs, an attorney can often help facilitate an early exit from the lease without incurring penalties.

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While disputes with property owners, business owners, or those involved in a contract dispute can become heated, an attorney can help ensure that the matter is handled in a professional manner that does not jeopardize working relationships or reflect poorly on your organization. The Huntsville commercial litigation attorneys at Conchin, Cole, Jordan & Sherrod can work with your company to protect not only your interests, but your good name as well. Contact us today.