Huntsville Brain Injury Attorney

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 1.4 million Americans will suffer a brain injury each year. For the victims of an accident resulting in a brain injury and their families, the tragic results are often life-long and devastating. While a common misconception is that some sort of serious trauma to the head is required to cause serious brain injury, even a mild blow to the head can result in traumatic brain injury. With the help of the Huntsville brain injury attorneys at Conchin, Cole, Jordan & Sherrod, you may be able to recover for all your damages and more.

Often Overlooked Injury

A brain injury is often not immediately apparent. In fact, patients with less obvious signs of brain injury are often misdiagnosed in emergency rooms or by medical personnel.

Common symptoms of a brain injury include:

It is easy to see why a victim of a brain injury may initially tell those at the scene of an accident that they are uninjured. After all, if you’ve just been in a car accident or some other accident involving a blow to the head, you may expect that you will have a headache for a time. Many head injuries are what are known as closed head injuries, meaning that nothing penetrated the skull. In these cases, the victim may not be visibly bleeding and may sincerely believe that they are uninjured. In many cases the symptoms may worsen over time rather than improve. Days or even weeks may go by before it becomes apparent that a serious injury has taken place. If you have been diagnosed with a serious brain injury, our Huntsville brain injury lawyers can represent your claim for compensation.

Causes of Brain Injuries

Any kind of trauma to the head may cause a traumatic brain injury. A concussion results from the bruising of the brain after a collision with the inside of your skull. An object penetrating the skull may do serious and permanent damage to the vulnerable brain inside. A blow to the head from a falling object or as a result of the head striking a hard surface is a common cause of brain injuries as well. Additionally, many brain injuries result from near-drowning accidents or exposure to toxic substances.

What to Do After Suffering a Brain Injury in Huntsville

If you have been in an accident that involves any blow to the head, it is critical that you seek medical attention immediately. Getting treatment quickly can help reduce the risk of permanent damage resulting from a traumatic brain injury. Additionally, it is important to establish that the accident was the cause of the brain injury you suffered, in order to be able to receive compensation for your injuries. The longer you delay seeking medical attention, the more difficult it may be to establish the cause of your injury and qualify for compensation.

Because of the nature of brain injuries, it can be very difficult to estimate the cost of medical treatment you may require after your accident. Brain injuries can create medical problems that last years or even for a lifetime. Seeking the counsel of the Huntsville personal injury attorneys at Conchin, Cole, Jordan & Sherrod, after a brain injury can be an important part of protecting yourself from needless expenses related to your care. Contact us today by filling our online contact form or calling (256) 705-777.