Huntsville Natural Disaster Damage Claims Lawyer

In northern Alabama, we are certainly familiar with the terrible damage a tornado or severe storm can wreak. It is even possible, as we saw this year, for hurricanes to bring damage to the far north of the state. Certainly, fires are a danger to homes and property wherever you live. After a disaster has struck your home, you may be anxious about whether the insurance company will live up to their promises to compensate you for your losses and allow you to begin to repair and rebuild. The Huntsville fire and tornado property damage attorneys at Conchin, Cole, Jordan & Sherrod are here to help and provide information to help better prepare you to receive the compensation you deserve after a disaster.

Before Disaster Strikes

2017 certainly made clear that disaster can strike anyone at any time. From major hurricanes making historic landfalls, to tragic wildfires burning in California, preparing for the next disaster is on the minds of many people this year. One of the best things you can do to prepare for a disaster now is to create a home inventory.

Soon after a disaster, you will be asked about what property was lost or destroyed. It can be difficult, if not impossible to create an accurate list of the valuable items in your home and the approximate value of those items in the wake of a disaster. By preparing a home inventory, you will have a good idea of what you have lost, and how much it will cost to replace those items.

Going through your home and taking video or photographs of items worth around $50 or more is a good way to start. Take notes of these items, give a brief description, where they are located, the purchase price, and any receipts you may have for those items.

After Disaster Strikes

In the days following a disaster, you and your family may be stunned and simply happy to have survived. Nevertheless, expenses mount up quickly and you will need to begin to recover what you can in order to meet those expenses.

Contact your insurance company soon after the fire, tornado, or storm and let them know about the loss. Request that the insurance agent give you an advance on your eventual claim and bring the check to the hotel or place where you are staying. You may have been forced to leave with very few possessions and replacing basic necessities right away may be necessary.

As soon as possible take steps to mitigate further damage to the property. This may require boarding up property, removing valuables still in the home, or taking basic steps to prevent damage from rain or the elements. You have a duty to take common sense measures to ensure that no further damage occurs.

Keep track of expenses you incur as a result of the event. Receipts for clothes you have to purchase, the cost of the hotel you stay in, and any living expenses above what you would normally pay should be documented for the insurance company.

Disputes with the Insurance Company

In looking out for their own interests, many insurance companies may try to avoid paying on a claim or offer only a small settlement after a disaster. Should you be unable to get the compensation you deserve after a fire, tornado or storm damages your home, a property damage attorney at Conchin, Cole, Jordan & Sherrod can help you sort through the difficulty and ensure you get a fair settlement. Contact us today for more information.