Alabama Car Accident Statistics

Keeping track of car accident statistics is an important part of avoiding and preventing collisions. Federal and state organizations gather and analyze car accident stats each year to track the prevalence of motor vehicle collisions, injuries, and deaths, as well as to pinpoint what’s causing most crashes. As a driver in Alabama, knowing what the… read more

Are Roundabouts a Safe Option for Huntsville Drivers?

New traffic patterns always make drivers wary, but roundabouts have proven safety and efficiency benefits for everyone in the community. Still, it’s always a good idea to be cautious. If you or a loved one gets into a car accident on a new roundabout in Huntsville, explore your legal options with help from a local… read more

Who Is at Fault in a Lane-Change Accident?

In general, the driver who performed the improper or illegal lane change will be liable for damages. After all, he/she is the driver who broke the rules and caused the crash. However, other parties may share the fault for such an accident, depending on the situation. If the roadway had a poor or unsafe design,… read more

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